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Pair of women face third set of meth charges since July

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CHARLESTON, West Virginia -

A pair of Kanawha County women are facing meth charges for the third time since July. 

Jennifer Johnson, 38, and Jaime Myers, 36, are charged with operating a clandestine meth lab after police found meth making materials at a checkpoint. 

According to a criminal complaint, the two were stopped at a sobriety checkpoint on 7th Avenue in Charleston after Johnson "seemed to be impaired."

Inside the car, police say they found an open can of Coleman fuel, hydrogen peroxide, tincture iodine, 20 Aleve D Sinus pills containing 120mg of pseudoephedrine, ten Claratin D sinus pills, matches missing the red phosphorus tips, iodine stained coffee filters, and less than one gram of suspected meth. 

Johnson failed three sobriety at the checkpoint, according to police.

The pair had been charged twice in 2012 for similar crimes: Once at a home across from Nitro High School and a second time at an apartment complex on Charleston's West Side. 

For the latest charges, their bond was set at $25,000 cash only.