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Wrestling shows aims to body slam bullying

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Bullying is becoming a troubling obstacle for children in schools across the country.

According to national figures from several anti-bullying groups over half of students say they have witnessed or been a victim of bullying in the classroom.

But a unique project in Boone County is aiming to buck that trend by using an unconventional technique to show kids that being a bully is anything but cool.

Growing up many people have stars or athletes that they looked up to.

Friday night in Madison, Brookview Elementary student Jesse Kirk and his friends got to sit ringside at the Madison Civic Center to watch some of their local idols.

The show was titled, Body Slam Bullying. The goal, was to show kids that cool people don't bully others.

"It is something that might get their interest and might show them a small message that says bullying is not good," said All Star Wrestling Owner Gary Damron.

Damron's group worked with parents and others at Brookview Elementary to team up on the project. The school takes bullying seriously, asking students to recite a pledge every morning, promising to be their best, not put others down, and to never harm anyone.

"No matter what people say, like that you don't look the right way or you don't listen to the right music, whatever it is you can get past it," said wrestler Rocky Rage.

"Some kids, I don't think they understand other people's feelings. If one kid here stops bullying or stands up and tells somebody when bullying happens then I feel like I have done my job"

The wrestling show was a reward for Kirk and his friends, for following what they learned at school by not bullying others.

"It told me to, don't hurt people, be trustworthy, and truthful," Jesse Kirk said.

We asked Kirk and his friends if watching people duke it out in the ring could send the wrong message about bullying. They said they realize that the wrestlers aren't really being mean to each other and that it is all in good fun.