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Nearly $10,000 worth of building supplies stolen from family

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"We'll be paying for it for the next ten years and we won't even have the benefit of using it because it's all gone," said Jackson County native Jenny Steele-Staats. 
Her family has been planning exactly what their home will look like for about three years.  
They have been collecting things to go inside their old farm house, carefully picking every item out themselves.

Then Jenny and her husband came back from volunteering at the school nearby, realized their door was busted in, $10,000  worth of building supplies in their  dream home, gone.

They're not the only ones.  

A rash of breakins is happening in our region, according to police.  

In this case, though, doors, windows, electrical light fixtures, kitchen counter tops, all stolen in what police believe to be a matter of minutes. 

The worst part of it all?  The complete invasion of her family's personal lives.  "These are their belongings, this is what their bedrooms look like, this is where they lived.  It's a sinking feeling, it's not good," said Steele-Staats.  

To Jenny's surprise, social media played a huge role in getting the word out about this theft.  

She posted what had happened on Facebook, asking for her friend's help.

It had been shared maybe two or three times before she went to sleep that night.  When she woke up the next morning, it had been shared over 200 times.  

At the end of the day, this family just wants all of the crime to stop.  "We'd love to see them caught, and just a stop put to it.  It's really heart-breaking and I'd hate to see anyone else go through something like this."