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Violent fight between middle school girls caught on tape in Ravenswood

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A fight between two middle school girls is caught on tape, and it's making the rounds online.

It happened over the weekend, and Ravenswood police say they're investigating this shocking fight.  

"A lot of juveniles think that they can't get in trouble and they're not going to go to jail. Well they're badly mistaken because there are jails out there specifically for juveniles," said Chief L.B. Morrison of the Ravenswood Police Department.  "I mean this is, this is disgusting."

Chief Morrison says posting a violent video like this one on Facebook is basically inviting the police into your personal lives.

"When it comes to the Internet and social media, once it's out there, it's out there.  There's really no removing this from the Internet now.  It's there and it's going to stay there,' said Morrison.  

13NEWS showed the video to people in Ravenswood.  They were shocked that something so violent, between two very young girls, could happen right in the middle of their small town.  

"You could hear somebody in the background condoning fighting," said Brianna Morgan.  You could hear somebody in the background telling that little girl to cover her face.  I would never condone fighting."

Chief Morrison said, "In a community the size of Ravenswood, everybody knows everything that goes on and certainly that includes the police.  If people think the police don't know about it, they're badly mistaken because we do.  

Chief Morrison said the department uses Facebook as a tool to help them along with cases regularly.  "We would use anything we can find whether it was where they are, who their contact are, basically anything."

In the meantime, people in this community say common sense is something you learn with age, but there is no excuse for this behavior.

"You realize once you get older that bad things will happen.  When you fight each other it just makes you look bad," said Morgan.  

Morrison said, "This particular incident, we were just made aware of.  We are absolutely investigating the case and it will be dealt with."  

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