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President Barack Obama to unveil gun-control proposals

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The gun control debate has been raging over the last month after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut.

Vice President Joe Biden is heading up a task force to find ways to curb violence in the U.S.   He delivered his recommendations to President Barack Obama this week.

On Wednesday, Obama is expected to address the nation and issue his own gun-control plans that include both executive and legislative proposals.

Some people don't think new laws will solve the existing gun violence problems.

"It wouldn't work no matter what," said William Fisher.

"I think we have a second amendment right to own them and that's it," said Lewis Maggard.

Others said they would support tougher gun regulations.

"If the person who has a criminal act against them or has anything, like a criminal record, they should not be able to have a gun," said Hank Myers.

No one is certain what proposals Obama will present on Wednesday.

Some possible executive orders include tougher penalties against gun trafficking, tougher enforcement of existing gun laws, and addressing mental health issues.

The more controversial suggestions center around proposals that would require the backing of Congress to get passed.

Obama has publicly talked about reinstating the Assault Weapons Ban and looking at stricter regulations on high-capacity magazines.

Senator Joe Manchin said he hopes Obama will talk about creating a 'Commission on Mass Violence', something he and Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain have called for.

He said everything should be on the table when it comes to what he calls 'gun-sense'.

"Whether it's the access, whether it's the types of weapons, whether it's the people that have the mental illnesses that aren't getting treated that still have access, whether it's the checks they talk about, all of this has to be on the table," Manchin said.

Obama is expected to address the nation from the White House at 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday.

We'll have continuing coverage of his remarks throughout the day on 13 News.