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Hundreds show up in Charleston to support gun rights

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In wake of the Newtown, Conn., school shooting, all eyes have been on the Second Amendment.

On Saturday, hundreds of pro-gun supporters rallied at the West Virginia State Capitol following President Barack Obama's calls for tougher gun control policies in the United States.

The event was called 'Stand with the Second'

"I support the Second Amendment.   Don't infringe on my rights.   If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have the guns," said Gary Allison.

John Harbert waived a sign in the air he said sums up how he feels.

"We the people solemnly swear to protect and defend the constitution of the United State of America so help us God," he said.

Brad Craddock said he worries about more than just the Second Amendment.

"If we let the second fall, the first will, too. It means if we let this government take our right to bear arms, what's going to keep them from taking the First Amendment away?"

Last week, Obama made calls to ban military-style assault weapons, along with high capacity magazines.

However, gun owners said they feel like their voices have been lost over the past few weeks.

"Unfortunately, when a terrible tragedy that we've seen happens a couple of times last year happens, innocents people's rights get affected," said Delegate Joshua Nelson,R-Boone.

The first hearing on Obama's gun control proposals is at the end of the month.

With this in mind, gun owners want their views to be represented with whatever legislation moves forward.

"My guns should protect me. The outlaws are the ones who are aggressive to me. If I don't have my gun, I can't protect myself or my family," said one attendee.