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Dozens gather in Charleston to celebrate MLK holiday

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Dozens of people like Nolan Byars came together in Charleston to celebrate a historic day.

"It's just wonderful every year to see the people coming together to celebrate Dr. King and what he's meant for all of us," said Nolan Byars.

People from the community and area leaders stood together for the holiday at Asbury United Methodist Church to sing and speak. Volunteers like Neci Pickens look forward to the event every year.

"As far as different cultures and different backgrounds all in the same place, it's a beautiful thing," said Pickens.

Nolan Byars is a member of the church and says the celebration warms his heart every year.

"This is what he worked for, I think he'd be very pleased," said Byars.

People there said the day felt extra special as the country's first African American President, Barack Obama, began his second term.

"Also, with it being the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, all of those things tying in together with President Obama being the President again, it's a really wonderful thing," said Neci Pickens.

"The ceremony took place a little earlier this year and it's cold outside, but people I spoke with didn't let the weather or time hold them back," I said.

"In spite of everything, we're here," said Byars.

And people I spoke with say in a time when you see so much violence happening in the world, seeing people come together to celebrate, is a good thing.

The event was organized by the Martin Luther King Jr. West Virginia Holiday Commission.