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Need for help with free coats and blankets growing in Charleston

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CHARLESTON, West Virginia -

As chilly temperatures continue to hang around many people in the Charleston area are turning to area charities for help to stay warm.

Places like Manna Meal and the Union Mission regularly help the homeless this time of year. But now they are seeing more people who are living pay check to pay check that need help in the winter months.

They are specifically seeing a high demand for coats, gloves and blankets.

Manna Meal received a large donation of gloves around Christmas. But they have since given all of those away. Manna Meal feeds hungry people every day. But this time of year they are often asked for help with warm clothing.

The Union Mission is almost entirely out of men's coats and children's coats. They have given over hundreds since winter started. They are also almost out of blankets.

Union Mission Director Rex Whitehead says many people need the coats to keep warm inside their homes because they cannot afford to heat them properly. Blankets aren't just used for bundling up.

"I have been in homes where they have blankets hanging over the windows and doorways and heating only one room because it is so cold and they are just trying to stay warm," Whitehead said.

If you would like to donate blankets or coats to the Union Mission call 304-925-0366. You can also call them if you need a free coat or blanket.

If you want to donate to Manna Meal call 304-345-7121.