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Early school dismissal forces parents to take long lunch

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Less than two hours into the school day, Cabell County Schools administrators decided to send students home two hours early.

Administrators tell 13 News that since the weather seemed agreeable early this morning, they went ahead with plans for a full school day.

They didn't stick with those plans for very long.

At around 9:30, parents of students started getting automated phone calls from their schools, telling them school was ending two hours early.

Parents we spoke with seem to be taking the sudden disruption to their workday in stride.

"I'm not sure if it's more of an inconvenience to leave work early, or to take a whole day off," says Jill Morris-Gibson, who had just arrived at Southside Elementary to picked up her daughter who is in kindergarten. "So I wasn't too upset with the decision."

Administrators say the sudden change in plans came after notification from the National Weather Service that the storm could be in full swing, right over Huntington by early afternoon.

Our main question for them was 'Why wasn't school just completely canceled?'

"I don't know if they weren't sure the weather was going to be as bad as it is," says Southside principal, Serena Collins. "And sometimes you get the radar and you think it's coming, and it doesn't always come."