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Hatfield-McCoy artifacts on display in Williamson

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WILLIAMSON, West Virginia -


The only archeological artifacts from the Hatfield McCoy Feud is now on display in Williamson.
The items unveiled today at the Coal House have been buried underground for 125 years.
On display includes bullets fired when the Hatfields attacked the McCoy cabin on New Year's Day 1888.
Also, pieces of the McCoy cabin can be seen, which was burned down during the attack.
Other items include fragments of household items used by the McCoys.

"This is amazing," said WVU Extension professor Bill Richardson, who participated in the discovery. "Before this, all we had was the oral history of the feud. Now we have actual, tangible, evidence of the feud. And, the combination of the bullets we found, and the items we found related to the house, now allows us to piece together the story of what happened that day on New Years Day 1888.

The items were found in Hardy, Kentucky on the property of local businessman during filming of a NatGeo TV show called Diggers.