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People feel trapped from flooding around Kanawha County apartment complex

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Chelyan is a low lying area that experiences frequent flooding problems.

A huge chunk of the neighborhood was underwater on Wednesday and Thursday.

The Division of Highways is trying to pump out the flood water.

However, for people living at Chelyan Village Apartments, the DOH is not moving fast enough.

The complex is home to dozens of elderly and disabled people like Beulah Barker and Lorrie Queen.

The women said they're frustrated that they can't get around right now.

Barker recently had to cancel a doctor's appointment because of high water that floods the area.

"We have people that have heart conditions, they have rheumatoid arthritis like I do. They have different issues, mental, physical, and a lot of them don't have cars," Barker said.

Queen cannot get around in her wheelchair.

"If we want to go somewhere, we can't because, I'm in a wheelchair. If I went out there, the water would probably be up to here," she said.

Even the caregivers are having problems getting into work.

Samantha Pomery had to walk to the complex to take care of her client on Thursday.

She has also had problems with her car from driving through the water to get to work

"If I can't make it down here, she ain't got nobody to cook for her. She's in a wheelchair. She can't do it herself," she said.

Division of Highways spokesperson Brent Walker said this particular area is the lowest spot in Chelyan.

He said the DOH continues to look into the problem but that any solution will not be an easy fix.

In the meantime, the DOH will continue to pump the water out until it's gone.