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2 Fayette County home invasions in 2 days; residents on edge

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Two violent home invasions in the same week. Now neighbors are on edge.

They happened less than a mile a part from each other, and you may be surprised by how neighbors are reacting.

"When I first heard about the home invasion I immediately thought about my family. I have a wife and three children," said neighbor Gary Wilkerson.

When asked if he would let his kids ride their bikes around the neighborhood anymore, this is what another neighbor had to say.

"In the day time I believe it's fairly safe but late in the evening or night time, I wouldn't do it," said neighbor Ron Campbell.

Fayette County Sheriff Kessler says he has a good idea what the suspects were looking for.

"Yeah, dope, pills. It seems to be that's what all these are related to when you figure it out. I think that's what they were breaking in and looking for," said Fayette County Sheriff Kessler.

On Wednesday at noon, two masked men broke into a home in Hilltop and beat the homeowner with an electric heater. Yesterday evening one masked man broke into a home in Scarboro and opened fire on the homeowner's floor.

Nothing was stolen from either home invasion. Many believe drugs are the likely cause.

"Most of the times that's what it is, not saying that's the case here. But there's a lot of traffic up here in that area that gives one a thought as to whether that's a possibility. Because most break and enterings are for someone trying to steal something that they can dispose of quickly, like a pistol where they could turn around and buy drugs."

"Neighbors can help if they could be more observant. If someone goes in the house, I don't know how much victims are paying attention to details whereas a neighbor might see them and know what direction they went in."

If anyone has information about the suspects call the Fayette County Sheriff's Department at 304-574-4303.