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Fayette Co. residents search for higher ground

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The town of Pax in Fayette County experienced flooding between Wednesday night and Thursday morning, forcing its residents to accommodate to the weather.

"I love being out here before it floods," said Kaitlyn King, who lives near Pax. "Moving the dirt bikes and everything. Whenever it gets across the road, it's fun to walk in it."

"It's pretty deep," said Eddie Messick, who lives in the Pax area. "We came in about 11 o'clock last night and we had to wade through the water to get to our house, and it's maybe about three foot into our house."

People moved cars, equipment and animals to higher ground, far away from flood waters.

"You cope with it, you work with it, we work together, the whole community works together, when it's coming up, all the neigh help us move things," Messick said.

Water from nearby creeks crested more than three feet. Messick said debris from past storms have caused water to overflow into people's yards.

"Last year...we had to wade through it, up to your chin," he explained. "I like to see the creek trenched so it can have a better flow through it. There's a lot of trees down, it makes the water back up."

But some said they're afraid the water--and the ice that's on its way--will threaten the safety of their family and pets.

"I wish people would come and help us," King said. "We'd be thankful for it and it's really cold out here and we don't want to get wet."