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Police: Clay County tax specialist found in H&R Block with meth, pot

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West Virginia State Police raided the H&R Block in Clay after an anonymous tipster called 911.

What they found inside, according to Troopers, was tax specialist and District Coordinator, Clarence Stone, smoking marijuana.  They found methamphetamine on Stone, as well.

Trooper Brandon Smith was on the scene that night.  He said,  "If they're in there doing drugs and they're in there doing taxes and dealing with people's personal information, how safe is it?"

"As we opened the door we observed the odor of burnt marijuana," said Trooper Smith.  

Tammy Rose owns a business right across the street from the H&R Block.  She said, "I'm really, really surprised to hear what happened over there.  Drugs are really bad in the county, but you just don't think of a business being related to that kind of thing.  "

Trooper Smith explained what happened when they entered the business.  "Clarence Stone was inside with another woman.  They were both inside the business smoking marijuana.  Further investigation led us to believe Clarence was selling and cultivating marijuana also."   

Neighbors in town say they have seen people coming in and out of the business all night long.  They say they're not surprised about what happened.

"I'm completely aware that this county is ate up with drugs, but to be doing something like that in a business, that puts it in a new perspective for me," said another business owner in Clay, Crystal Coulter.  

It's not just the drug use that people have a problem with.  

Many believe their privacy may have been compromised if their taxes had been prepared at the location.

Rose said, "If you did I'd be real concerned about having that information, especially if you paid with a credit card."

Coulter said, "I'm sure the employees there have signed confidentiality agreements, but if you are breaking the law by making or selling drugs, what does a signed piece of paper mean to you?"

Trooper Smith said there is no evidence to suggest that Stone stole from customers, he did say to check your credit card statements, just to be sure.  

Stone was charged with intent to deliver a controlled substance and cultivation of marijuana.

We spoke to the owner of the franchise. He said he was not aware Stone was doing drugs in the store.

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