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13News Exclusive: Bus videographer pushed by police cries foul

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CHARLESTON, West Virginia -

It was a Wednesday night, and James Vance was heading home after a shift at Tidewater Grill. 

He hopped on the same KRT bus he has for the past year, but this time things were different. 

"This woman, she was just babbling," recalled Vance. "She was talking nonsense."

The woman threatened to "vaporize" everyone on the bus. It was enough for the driver to contact police. 

When the police got there, the woman went limp, according to Charleston Police Chief Brent Webster. Police used force to get her up. She began screaming repeatedly for them to stop. Vance thought they were going too far.

"They were not protecting. They were not serving," said Vance. 

Vance took out his cell phone and began recording the arrest. When he got too close, he was moved back by an officer. 

"He shoved me. Shoved me hard," said Vance. "If I had pushed that cop like that, I would have gone to jail."

Chief Webster said the officers were correct in their handling of their situation. 

"I think the officer handled it appropriately," said Webster. "I think his intentions was just, 'look, let us do our job,'" said Webster. 

West Virginia state law says that anyone can be recorded on public property without their permission. That is true for police, as well. However, police are able to remove people from an area if they feel like they are interfering with an investigation.