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Ceredo, WV family looking for home after fire in apartment building

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Eighty-eight-year-old John Graves and daughter, Beth have come back to their apartment on First Street in Ceredo to see what they can salvage.

A fire broke out in the apartment above theirs just after 5 a.m., Tuesday.

Some of their belongings were saved by firefighters who covered their items with a tarp, but the smoke and water damage has made their apartment unlivable.

"Well, I'm kind of in a daze," says Mr. Graves, who has significant hearing loss, and credits his daughter with waking him up when the fire started.

Firefighters escorted him out to take shelter in the fire truck.

"They said get in this truck. So I got in the truck, you know, and that sort of thing, kept me out of the cold."

Aside from the gutted apartment upstairs, the apartment of Graves and his daughter got it the worst.

Other units, like April Morrison's across the hall, smell like smoke, but are still livable.

"We don't really have any damage. It's just, we're gonna have to clean everything," says Mrs. Morrison. "So it was the other side of the apartment building that got the brunt of it."

Firefighters say the fire started by accident.

The building owner tells us he spoke with the woman who lived on the top floor.

He says he's been told a lit candle may have started all of this.

Meanwhile, John Graves is still going about his normal routine, lunch with the girls from the senior center.

"I have a routine that I go through each day. I don't sit in a chair too much," says Graves.

"The reaction was fear," says Helen Johnson, who sits just in front of Graves on the bus that picks him up each morning. "We thought maybe he may have been in it."

While Mr. Graves is off to lunch, his daughter is off to find a new home for them.