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Finding a theory to the mystery boom

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Barney Frazier Barney Frazier

It was a boom heard around the region. Teresa Teel said she was eating supper when a blast shook her entire mobile home in Rand.

"It sounded like dynamite, " Teel said. "It was loud. I was spooked."

She said the blast was so strong, it rattled figurines off her front porch and even loosened the underpinning of her mobile home. Teel said she thinks the vibrations emanated from a nearby coal mine.

13NEWS scoured Kanawha County from east to west to talk to people who felt the shake.

But Barney Frazier, of Charleston, said he's confident he knows what happened.

"It was more vibration than I've ever felt, there was more dust than I've ever seen," said Frazier, who lives on top of Mount Alpha.

Fraizer said he heard and felt the blast around 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday.

He said he thinks it originated from a surface mining company in eastern Kanawha County.

"I think generally we always worry when the explosions are detonated with vibrations and dust and property damage," Frazier said. "Me and my neighbors all worry."

The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection installed a seismograph on his property because the neighborhood experiences shakes so often, according to Frazier.

"Because as the years progressed, it got louder, it seemed to get closer, it produced more dust."

But never like Tuesday's blast. So Frazier said a DEP inspector is set to visit his house Wednesday morning to check the readings on the seismograph before inspecting the mining facility.