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Neighbors turn tables on burglary suspects

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When her neighbor's dog, Lexi, started barking in the middle of the night, several neighbors of Glenna Knoblauch looked outside to see if anything was wrong.

There was something wrong, so they called Miss Knoblauch, and then called 911.

"Got good neighbors," says Knoblauch. "And we all look out after each other."

As the 76-year-old's neighbors looked out for her, they saw three people in her yard, just behind her shed, smoking a cigarette.

They managed to hide from Miss Knoblauch, but they couldn't hide from neighbors that were watching from different sides of her property.

Robert Ellenberg lives just behind Miss Knoblauch's house.

When he saw the three suspects, he called around to other neighbors.

"We called over there to my daughter and son-in-law next door," says Ellenberg. "Because we've been watching all this time. So he got his gun and got ready."

As the suspects made their approach, two neighbors came out.

Ellenberg had a flashlight.

His son-in-law had his gun.

Two of the suspects were cornered behind a garage that was separate from the house.

The third got away, but later turned himself in.

"Oh, you don't know how grateful I am that my neighbors. They get up to see that I'm okay, or if anybody's over here," says Knoblauch. "I've even got ladies across the road that call me and say 'If you ever hear anything, you call me.'"

Because unwelcome visitors have trespassed here before, Miss Knoblauch and her neighbors were prepared.

Her yard is well lighted, and she has cameras on the porch and in the yard.

She even snapped a photo of one of the suspects hiding behind her patio refrigerator.

"[It] happened to be at the right time, because we've been looking at the window every time we get up for the last six months to a year," says Ellenberg. "Because this has happened a few times before."

For the neighbors, being prepared meant just being willing to take a look when Lexi sounded the alarm.