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Local teen paralyzed in car accident, community asked to help

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One of 16-year-old, Paul Holley's passions is basketball.

His mother tells us the sophomore had scored over 400 points for the Hannan High School Wildcats.

"His goal was to score a thousand, but obviously, that's not going to happen," says April Vickers, as she speaks with us in a lounge room in the intensive care unit.

Holley is awaiting a trip to see a specialist in Chicago after the car accident that paralyzed him.

He cannot move his legs, and has limited movement of his arms.

He was on his way home from school with a friend, when he lost control of his truck, and crashed.

His passenger was ejected, and suffered injuries much less severe than Holley's.

Holley was entrapped, and his spinal cord was broken.

"A neighbor had come and knocked on my door," says Ms. Vickers. "And told me there was an accident that my son was in."

We visited with Holley's classmates at Hannan High School.

His friend, Tyler Burns spent a few days with Holley and his mother just after the accident.

He, and other friends, are still trying to reconcile.

"I know people would always joke around, and say we're just alike, saying we're like pretty much twins," says Burns. "He was one of my best friends, and I can't believe this happened."

"He's a very outgoing, athletic, strong willed person," says Hannan sophomore, Pam Black. "He would do anything and everything for anybody."

Now, the young man who would do anything for anybody needs a favor himself, as he fights to regain his health, his movement, and possibly walk again one day.

Holley is insured, but his family needs assistance to make the trips to see specialists around the country.

A fund has been set up at City National Bank for donations.

To make a donation, simply go to any City National Bank branch and mention his name, Paul Holley, or his mother's name, April Vickers.

A vigil is being held on Saturday night at Hannan High School to pray for his recovery.