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Drug dogs scour Nitro High School

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Drug dogs at an area high school on Tuesday morning put the school on lockdown, but it was all a planned event according to police.

Officers from across Kanawha and Putnam county were at Nitro High School looking for drugs. They didn't find any but Nitro's police chief said they seldom do during this kind of sweep. Chief Brian Oxley said it's their presence in the schools that is the most important. "If there are drugs in this school we'll find them. It's a goal of mine that we come over here, do these searches and don't find anything because there's nothing there," said Oxley.

Oxley also said he hopes the sweep sent an important message to students at Nitro High School about the dangers of using drugs. A recovering addict admitted to using drugs when he was in high school and talked about the downward spiral it sent him on. "I'd bring drugs to school. If someone had booze at school I'd drink there, said Matt Shafer. "Once I found something where I could be sociable and I was accepted, it was kind of off to the races for me."

Experts say young teen years are when addiction is most likely to begin.