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Four arrested on meth charges in Putnam County, WV

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On March 13, a deputy assisted Sgt. Enoch of the Cabell Co. Sheriff Dept. serve a warrant at 2511 Main St., Hurricane WV, Putnam Co.

Sgt. Enoch had info that a wanted fugitive was currently at the residence.

Upon arrival, the deputy entered the residence and Sgt. Enoch, along with other officers, went to the rear of the residence.

They observed a white outbuilding and approached it.

Sgt. Enoch found four individuals inside of the outbuilding. The individuals were identified as Clarence Priddy, Stephen Haynes Jr., Joshua Hinkle and Courtney Fleming.

The outbuilding is approximately 12' x 12' in size. The people found in the home were secured for officer safety.

There were items in plain sight that are consistent with items used to produce methamphetamine.

A search warrant was obtained. A search of the outbuilding was conducted and items such as coffee filters, hydrogen peroxide, clear rubber tubing attached to the lid of a jar, Coleman fuel and a jug of driveway melt.

Detective Herdman processed the outbuilding and obtained four samples of items.

Everyone found at the home was charged with attempting to operate a clandestine drug lab.

Hinkle's bond was set at $70,000 and Priddy, Haynes and Fleming's bonds were set at $50,000.