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NEW: Chemical reaction closes streets, evacuates businesses

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A chemical reaction sets off fire alarms at Pullman square Wednesday around 5 p.m.

Firefighters say maintenance workers were using chemicals while working on park benches when a rag in a bucket started smoking and caught fire.

Workers quickly took the material outside and evacuated the theater and parts of the building.

Fire trucks blocked Tenth street between Third avenue and Memorial Boulevard as a precaution.

At least one person was treated at the scene.

The fire chief says they did the right thing.

"It sounds like much to do about nothing but when you got a bunch of people's lives on the line, you can't overlook anything" Chief Carl Eastham said.

The roads were back open just before 6 p.m.


Huntington firefighters are on the scene of a potentially dangerous situation near Pullman Square.

Crews responded to Pullman Square because janitors mixed some chemicals together in a bucket.  The chemical mixture set off fire alarms.

The bucket was taken outside near the loading dock and no injuries have been reported.  There is no information on what chemicals were mixed.

Keep with us as we are working to bring you more details.