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If you were on a Carnival cruise... Would you get your money back?

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A second Carnival Cruise liner reportedly became the scene of a nightmare for passengers.

We're hearing stories of power outages and overflowing toilets all while docked in port. So what happens if you book a cruise through a travel agency then tragedy strikes! Do you think people should get their money back?

"Of course, and then some. I'm sure there will be lawsuits. I sure would," said Dennis Cook.

"I'd be wanting to get home, I wouldn't care about getting my money back. I just wouldn't want to live in those conditions," Mary Gillespie said.

"If I went on a cruise ship and it was stranded, I'd say lets get out the oars and go to shore," said Jim.

13News wanted to hear from the horse's mouth, from a travel agent, what you would get back if your ship went haywire.

"The ship may or may not be delayed coming back to Port Canaveral so it would be up to the cruise line to make the necessary arrangements," said AAA travel agent Laura Gooch.

She said she would advise those wanting to go on a cruise to buy a trip protection plan.

"Most people would take trip cancellation protection and there would be a certain amount of coverage under that but actually the liability of the cruise falls back on Carnival cruise lines," she said.

This is what she would now tell those thinking about cruising with Carnival.

"Have a good time. This is a free country and Carnival does a lot of advertising and they have a good product, they have just had a streak of bad luck."

If you are traveling and experience an emergency call Triple-A TOLL FREE (800) 354-4514.