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Teachers across state using iPads and sharing success stories

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Teachers from all across the state gathered in at the Holiday Inn in South Charleston on Friday.

They attended the 'Infusing Technology' conference, sponsored by the West Virginia Center For Professional Development.

The conference focused on ways teachers are using technology, specifically iPads, in the classroom.

David Destefano is a math teacher at Martinsburg High. He said incorporating iPads into his classroom has been one of the best things he's ever done.

He said hands-on projects, including a recent graphing project, have been well-received by his students.

"The amazing transformation that I saw in the kids, is here is a bunch of kids that struggled in math and don't like math and they were excited over this," he said.

Megan Bacorn is a fifth grade teacher at Union Elementary in Upshur County. She said her favorite education app is called 'Explain Everything'.

"I'll say 'show me how to convert, make equivalent fractions or find a benchmark fraction'. That app will let them record themselves talking and their text. Then, they can do a little mini-lesson for everyone else."

Joe Paolo is the assistant principal Weir Middle School in Hancock County. He said he hopes to bring back some new ideas to his school.

"I'm interested to know how other schools are implementing and what kinds of applications they are using that are available to help our students," he said.

The WVCPD said there are more sessions like this planned for summer.