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Free St. Patrick's Day taxi rides

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CHARLESTON, West Virginia -

Several East End Charleston pubs, C&H Taxi and our area police are all gearing up for a very busy weekend.


Meena Anada owns Little India, one of five destinations expecting a business boom as part of the East End St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl.

"Last year was so busy and I'm told this year is going to be twice as busy," Anada said.  "Every single one of my employees is working tomorrow.  Its green beer, green liquors green everything, its going to be awesome."

Pub crawl organizer Rick Cavender says the event isn't only about pubs and partying.

"We definitely want to put on a great event but we also want to make sure to touch on the safety issue and make sure that people feel like there is an option if they decide to drink too much," Cavender said.

So, while local police lookout for intoxicated drivers, C&H Taxi CEO Jeb Corey says, with their free Intoxi-Taxi ride service, there's no reason for you to be one of them.

"You can call us, you can use the cab stand," Corey said.  "By making this service free and as easy as possible to get to, I think it does make a difference."

If you feel you've had too much to drink, in addition to calling a cab at 304-344-4902, you can also schedule one to come pick you up using the C&H Taxi app, which you can find at

"We'll be extremely busy Saturday night but it's much better to be patient," Corey said.  "It's better for you to wait on us to come take care of you than to get behind the wheel and get a DUI."

The five restaurants participating in the pub crawl are Little India, Bluegrass Kitchen, The Empty Glass, Tricky Fish and Red Carpet Lounge.

The Intoxi-Taxi program runs from 10 p.m. Saturday, March 16 through 5 a.m. Sunday, March 16.  It's sponsored by Guinness for St. Patrick's Day, Capitol Beverage and West Virginia Radio Corporation.