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Family starts new life after Sissonville explosion

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The McMillions just moved into their new house off Pawnee Drive in Sissonville, and everything is new. The oven, the clock, the table, a television--even a man cave. Everything. And they didn't pay a dime.

"It's been a really rough road," said Shirley McMillion. "We're gonna be alright. But we had a hard time getting here."

In December, a gas explosion destroyed their home and everything else the McMillions owned. A corroded pipeline caused the blast.

"We all know what could have happened and how bad it could have been," said Shirley, who lives with her husband, DJ. In February, the pair reached a settlement with NiSource's Columbia Gas Transmission, the company that owns the pipeline. That's how they paid for their home, three cars, and everything inside.

The new house is bigger. There's a porch, extra rooms. Even though they live only minutes away from their old place, McMillion said she tries to stay away. Too many memories.

"I saw the daffodils I had planted on the bank that was in front of the house are blooming now," McMillion said. "That almost made me cry. They survived."

Because after all, it's springtime. And every where we look, things are growing.

"This is a new chapter in our lives. One we didn't expect, but we're going to make the best of it," McMillion said. "And it's going to be good."