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Senate passes bill limiting Hydrocodone prescriptions

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The prescription drug pipeline has been choked off in our area over the past few years, but experts say it's giving rise to another illicit drug.

West Virginia has the highest drug overdose rate in the nation.

A bill just passed the Senate making prescription pain pills like hydrocodone harder to come by.  The result could be more heroin on the streets.  

Authorities said the typical street value of prescription pills is around one dollar per milligram, so drug users are looking for a cheaper, more accessible alternative.

13NEWS spoke with a woman who did not want to be identified.   Her son's father is an addict, and is now behind bars.  She said his addiction is what led to the other charges, including first degree robbery.  She said she regularly speaks with her son about the issues.  

"I kind of talk to him like an adult already.  So I've told him, because of his dad, that can get you in trouble and sent away for the rest of your life.  Do you want to be a loser, or do you want to be somebody," she said.

At one point, she said she feared for her life.  "I was scared of a kidnapping, or that he would try to kill me, he actually threatened to kill me."

After a rise in break-in's in our region, police say drugs are the typical motivators, and now, they say they are doing all they can to stop the crimes.  

That senate bill would make prescription drugs like hydrocodone available to patients for one month, and include two refills.