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UPDATE: Man sentenced to prison for involvement in violent robbery

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Mark Carte was sentenced to one to 10 years in prison after he pleaded guilty to daytime robbery. 

Carte was taken to the South Central Regional Jail following sentencing.



A suspect who has been eluding police, for nearly a month and a half, has turned himself in.  Mark Carte approached our 13NEWS reporter Jessie Shafer Wednesday.  He said he wanted to clear his name before he turned himself in to Kanawha County Deputies. 

"I just want to prove my innocence," said Carte. 

Police say Carte was involved in a brutal robbery at a Charleston motel in February. Police also linked Aaron Chapman for the crime, and arrested him ten days later. But Carte stayed on the run until Wednesday evening. 

Carte said, "I left Aaron's house, the guy that's accused of all the other crimes, earlier that day," referring to his whereabouts the night of the motel robbery.

Carte was living with Chapman at the time of the robbery, but said he'd moved out by the time those other crimes happened.  Those other crimes are two home invasions in Pinch. 

"I have nothing to do with those home invasions," Carte said. 

One left a 74-year-old woman severely beaten in her own home. Carte said his name has been brought up in that case, but he said he wasn't there.

"I feel very sorry for the families of the victims.  I want them to know, that I would never, ever, do anything like that," said Carte. 

Carte said he grew tired of alluding police.  He said, "It's hard to sleep at night.  I've just been laying low, staying at friend's houses, things like that."

He admitted he's been in trouble before with police.  

The criminal complaint for the Knight's Inn robbery in Kanawha City states that Carte beat and struck the victim to cause injury.  He denied that.  Police have not named Carte a suspect in the Pinch home invasions.

He's being held at South Central Regional Jail on $50,000 bond.