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Different ways to do a squat

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YMCA personal trainer Brandon Walters said squatting can be a great way to get a workout, no matter your athletic ability.

"We're going to break down and sort of demystify the squat and I've got 5 different progressions," Walters said.

He first demonstrated a de-loaded squat. To do a de-loaded squat, you use a band wrapped around a pole and hold both sides to squat.

"You are using your arms to take some of the weight off your body, it also allows you to stay upright stay very tall," he said.

The next squat he demonstrated was a medicine ball squat. To do a medicine ball squat, you perform the move down onto a medicine ball, barely touching the top.

Next, he demonstrated a goblet squat. To do a goblet squat, you squat holding a free weight in the middle of your chest.

"If you have poor form, that dumbbell is going to ditch, you are going to lose the dumbbell and fall forward."

The final squat he demonstrated was a dumbbell squat. To do a dumbbell squat you squat holding a dumbbell across your chest or back.

No matter what level you are ready for, Walters said squatting is great for the body.

"It's going to improve stability, core stability, hip stability and it'll do wonderful things for your legs," he said.