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Tweets by students get attention from parents, police

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Vulgar posts or tweets by a teenager are often jokes, but when the conversation goes as far as some Ashland Blazer High School students recently took it, police and parents take it very seriously.

Ashland Police tell us they're looking into tweets that imply someone is going to die when the students return from spring break on Monday.

One tweet reads: "Just go ahead and call the ambulance."

Another reads: "Shall I bring a towel to clean up the blood Monday?"

Police first got involved in this case on Wednesday.

They talked to both students, and their parents.

They thought it was resolved, but this morning, the conversation escalated.

We asked students, who are not involved in this case, if young people realize the effect their social media posts have on peers and their parents, even if they're just joking.

Probably not at the moment, but later on, they probably realize it," says Boyd County High School junior, Tatum Brumfield.

"In person, you have to be able to back it up, and on the Internet, you don't have to," says sophomore, Erin Robinette. "You can just kinda hide."

While in-person intimidation and harassment at school can be monitored and stopped, police say when students bully online, it's more difficult to address.

Police tell us school administrators are well aware of the tweets, and the department's school resource officer is investigating.