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Parents and educators react to free school lunch bill

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Jake Bolts is a mother of two, she said paying for school lunch is expensive.

"When there's monthly lunch bills that come in, I can't always afford them so my child brings their lunch to school every single day," said Bolts.

West Virginia lawmakers are working on a bill that would ensure every child in the state free breakfast and lunch at school; even kids that don't qualify for free and reduced lunch.

"So this would impact your life," I asked. 

"It would," Bolts answered.

And she said what her children eat directly affects their learning ability.

"If you're not hungry, he's focused on what he has to learn."

One child goes to school at Spring Hill Elementary in Huntington.

85% of students here qualify for free or reduced lunch, but the entire school eats for free because of a special program.

School Principal Pamela Bailey thinks it should be that way state-wide.

"There are hungry students throughout West Virginia, throughout the nation," said Principal Bailey.

Jake Bolts thinks the change would help families like hers eat healthier while helping to trim their home food budget.

The bill needs to pass the house for final approval from the governor before it would go into effect.

The bill says it would create a public-private partnership to fund the program at no Additional cost to taxpayers.