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Lock up your guns, or else

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Chavela Simmons, owner of the All in One gun and pawn shop, says when it comes to gun safety, she and her staff take every necessary precaution.

"We do the best we can here on the front lines without taking away people's rights," Simmons said.

But what happens if someone who is prohibited from possessing a firearm gets a hold of your gun?  Simmons says that's one question that most of her customers can't answer.

The law states that if you live with or share a space with someone that's prohibited from possessing a firearm, you can be held responsible for what they do with your gun.


"Everybody is really not familiar with that law, they don't even consider it," Simmons said.

The list of people prohibited from owning guns includes alcoholics, illegal aliens, felons or anyone that has been found mentally defective in court.

Attorney David Schles' advice for any gun owner living with a prohibited person - give up your guns.

"You're taking a risk if you have a firearm in a home with a prohibited person," Schles said.  "If the person took the firearm and used it you might very well have an issue of negligence."

For those not quite ready to give up their guns Simmons offers a slew of precautionary devices including individual gun locks as a solution.

"This could very well save someone's life," she said.