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Springtime thefts on the rise across Tri-State area

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It's the season of stealing for some people.

Authorities said springtime thefts are already on the rise across the Tri-State area.

Lawn equipment and expensive tools are hot-ticket items for thieves this time of year.

"Lock your out-buildings. Get a reliable lock and at least make it difficult for someone to try and steal your things," said Cpl. Brian Humphreys, Kanawha County Sheriff's Department.

Stolen items often end up in local pawn shops or on websites like eBay or Craigslist.

"Some people will take them just to sell them and get a quick turnaround so they can have more money for one reason or another; whether it's to support a drug habit or support their family," Humphreys said.

You should keep a tight record of every expensive piece of equipment you own, he said.

"Brand, the model, the serial number, and a description."

Keeping an electronic record is also a good idea.

Websites like Report It helps authorities recover your stolen property soon rather than later.

The more information you give authorities, the better chance they'll have at tracking down your property, he said.