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Baby tumbles onto railroad tracks in Logan; uncle charged with kidnapping

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In the town of Logan, the Police Station is right next to the railroad tracks.  Thanks to some quick thinking police officers, a dangerous situation could have been much worse.

When a woman, who does not want to be identified, was walking home from the store in Logan Monday night around 7, she said she had no idea what was about to happen.  

She said her boyfriend's brother, Matthew Jacob Kennedy, grabbed her son's stroller and ran off with him.

"I tell Matt to give me the baby, he was drunk, he was going to fall," she said.  

And he did.  He fell right onto the railroad tracks outside of the fire station and police station.

"I screamed.  My baby, that is my baby," said the mother.  "He hits the tracks and when he did the wheel got caught in it.  The baby went out."

Two State Troopers and two firefighters were lifting weights at the fire department when they looked outside and just happened to watch the entire scene unfold.  All were off duty and in plain clothes.  

"Before we could make it over there, the gentleman tripped on the railroad tracks and basically dumped the stroller and the baby fell on it's head and started to cry," said Senior Trooper B. A. Lowe.  "The gentleman just stood there for a second and then as he bent over to pick up the baby, fell on top of the baby."

But for Trooper Lowe, it was about more than just making an arrest.  "To see somebody walking down the road who was obviously intoxicated, it just made me mad really,' said Trooper Lowe.  

According to the criminal complaint, Kennedy's blood alcohol levels were more than twice the legal limit.  

The baby's mother said she's learned a valuable lesson after what unfolded Monday night.  "Don't ever pick a man over your kids," she said.  

Kennedy is being held at South Western Regional Jail on 10,000 dollars bond.