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Live DUI car crash demonstration held at Sissonville High

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Prom season is here and students at Sissonville High School are taking a real-life look at the consequences of drinking and driving.

On Wednesday, students partnered with the Charleston Police Department and first responders to simulate a live DUI car crash.

In the skit, a drunken teen smashes into a car filled with sober students.

The reenactment showed the accident and rescue efforts that depicts two teens dead on scene.

"It's just scary to be on the road, especially after prom.  Innocent people can be killed because of drunk drivers," said student Bekah Baldwin.

Organizers hope this realistic approach knocks some sense into students.

"It felt so real. It felt horrible that could actually happen to us if we did drink and drive," said Erica Parsons.

Some teens have their own personal reasons for speaking out on the issue.

"My uncle got killed by a drunk driver, so I will never drink and drive.," said student Shelby Swiney.

Others said they don't want to become a victim at the hands of someone who has made a dumb decision.

"I think it's stupid that they do because of other people on the road. They could kill other people," said student Cody Taylor.

It has been years since the county has had a serious DUI related accident on prom or graduation night.

Authorities said they want to keep it that way.