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Rosie the Riveters and teens make glass artwork at Blenko

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The first faceted-glass artwork to depict Rosie the Riveters at work during World War II will be created with the help of teenagers on April 27 at Blenko Glass Co. in Milton.

Rosies, women who joined the industrial work force during World War II, contributed significantly to America's success, yet communities have rarely had the opportunity to learn from or honor these women, said the nonprofit organization Thanks!

Today, 70 years after they built ships, airplanes, and vehicles, and did many other jobs that helped shorten World War II, Thanks! helps communities everywhere to find, learn from and educate with Rosies.

Blenko's glass art is an example of what communities can do with Rosies to educate about their work and contributions to America.

The organization has created about 20 projects that any community can use as examples to find and educate with their own Rosies.

The first Blenko artwork depicts a Rosie at work on the railroad.

"This work is an example of what America can accomplish if we pull together, community by community," said Buddie Curnutte, who was a riveter on Kitty Hawk airplanes at Buffalo, N.Y., then married a West Virginian after he was wounded at Okinawa.

"Starting with the commercial artist Cara McWhorter in Elkview to the Blenko experts in Milton who supervise the glass art, people have pulled together," Curnutte said. "My life is better because I am involved in shaping how my own legacy is understood and passed on to future generations."

Rosies will be present at the event from about noon until 2 p.m.