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Curvy road by school causes accidents, worried parents say

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Parents of students and neighbors of Spencer-Jeffrey Elementary School in Boone County say the hidden, sharp curves of Hewett Creek Road are a major hazard.

"It's in a bad place, right there next to the school," observes Douglas Dent, who lives across the street from the school.

The parents are even more vocal.

Stacie Walls has two children that ride the school bus around this curve to and from school, five days a week.

Walls says a car accident that damaged the guard rail along Hewett Creek last week should have prompted action from the government to make it safer.

So far, crews have put up caution paddles, cones and a yield sign, but Walls says that is not enough.

"Everything coming around this curve is not gonna see that yield sign behind that tree," says Walls as we wait to see if a truck about to hit the curve slows down.

The truck blew right on by the yield sign as well as the sign that stated the speed limit at 15 miles per hour.

Parents say replacing the guard rail is one thing, but what they'd really like to see is a wider road.

They say the community has outgrown this small windy one.

"You can see bits of the road falling off," says Walls.

Neighbors and parents say the road is heavily traveled by cars, four-wheelers, school buses and commercial trucks.

It also sees heavy traffic as an alternate route for drivers avoiding Route 119.

Residents say they don't just want improvements; what they need is a new road altogether.

In a letter from the governor's office, parents say they were told the state is trying to lock down a contractor to replace the guard rail, but there are no plans to expand the road.