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Abandoned puppy rescued in Quincy

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It's nice to be able to report a happy ending to a story that could have turned out much differently.

The employees at the Shoney's in Quincy called WOWK 13 News on Tuesday night. They said that someone had abandoned a puppy outside the restaurant on Sunday, April 28.  Before they could get to it, the puppy crawled beneath a big storage container and then they couldn't get it to come out.

They tried a number of tactics, attempting to coax the puppy out.  Nothing worked and they were getting really concerned because they said it was getting weaker by the hour without food or water, so they called WOWK 13 News.

Our crews went to check out the situation and a 13 News reporter posted the story on Facebook. Within minutes, hundreds of suggestions about how to save the puppy came pouring in.  Not long after that, Shoney's employees alerted 13 News that the puppy had been rescued.  They said they were able to use a pole to guide the puppy out.

He's doing okay. An employee was going to take care of it Tuesday night.  They plan to give it to a young man who helped with the rescue.