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Cell phone video both good and bad when it comes to solving crime

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It is sometimes the first thing some people do when something out of the ordinary happens in front of them.

We found multiple cell phone videos uploaded to the Internet showing fights and road rage incidents from our area.

"Here is evidence that in the past you may have had just two people giving their story and you had no way in proving one side or the other, and now in some cases it helps to show which one is more credible," said West Virginia State Police Sergeant Michael Baylous.

Police say cell phone video is changing the way police solve crime.

"It's often like putting a puzzle together there are many pieces and you have to find those pieces," said Baylous.

Even though cell phone video is helping to solve crime, police say it can be a bad thing.

Police say sometimes people would rather record an incident, than offer help.

We found one cell phone video of a fight that has more than 59,000 views.

We met one woman who has caught someone committing a crime on her phone before, but she says that is not what she would do first.

"I think my first instinct would be to call 911 and try to help," said Pam Young.

After you have offered help, police say cell phone video can help them get to the bottom of a crime.

Here is the link to a brutal fight we found in our area.