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UPDATE: Jackson County 'torture' suspect back in court

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A man accused of holding his wife captive for 10 years can be present at his wife's birth.

At a hearing on Friday, Judge Thomas Evans said he will adjust the terms of Peter Lizon's home confinement whenever his wife Stephanie goes into labor.  Evans also ruled Peter can stay with Stephanie and the baby for five days after the birth.

Peter's attorney, Michael Hissam, also made some motions in relation to his criminal case.

Evans will rule on the motions, including whether or not to dismiss the case in its entirety, on August 19.



A man accused of holding his wife captive for 10 years was indicted at the end of June.

According to the indictment,  Peter Lizon is accused of hitting his wife with a hot frying pan, placing a hot iron on her chest, and dropping a heavy piece of farm machinery on her foot.  Lizon is facing 3 counts of malicious assault and 3 counts of domestic battery.

The indictment said the incidents occurred between March and June of 2012.  Despite the seriousness of the charges, they are a far cry from initial arrest records that suggested 10 years of severe abuse.

In interviews with 13 News, both Stephanie and Peter have denied the allegations.

Court records show the case started with statements made by a woman Stephanie met at a Parkersburg shelter.  That woman went to authorities and told them wild stories about her marriage to Peter, Stephanie said.

Stephanie said she will stand by her husband, and she is confident the truth will come out during his trial.

Peter is serving home confinement at his farm in Leroy.

He will appear back in court on July 11.

Also indicted were Christopher Hill, Colena Martin, and her son, Daniel Martin.  They are facing arson-related charges for burning down the Lizon's home in May.

They will also appear back in court on July 11.



There has been another bizarre twist in a Jackson County torture case.

Peter Lizon appeared in front of Jackson County Circuit Judge Thomas C. Evans on Monday.

Prosecutors tried to revoke Lizon's bond after investigators said he violated a custody order involving his 2-year-old son.

This is the latest in a string of bad news for the Lizon's.  Just days after this incident, their house was set on fire.

Lizon has been out on bond since last September after he was arrested and charged with malicious wounding.  Those charges stem from an on-going torture case from last summer.

Authorities said Peter tortured his wife, Stephanie, for more than 10 years.

Peter managed to stay out of trouble until they were both arrested last week.  The pair were not supposed to have contact with one another.  There were also strict custody rules involving their child, who Stephanie's parents have custody of the child.

"I asked him if anyone else was there and he said no.  I called for Stephanie and she came out of the room with the child," said Chief Deputy Herb Faber, Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

Peter's defense attorney, Michael Hissam, said Peter didn't willfully lie about seeing his wife and child.

"The willfully lied piece is that I'm not sure there's evidence that he willfully lied.  I think he did as many people would do. He denied the basis for why they were there, which was to find Stephanie Lizon," he said.

Despite Lizon's pretty thick criminal file at the Jackson County Courthouse, he has never been formally indicted on those torture related charges that started this entire debacle.

Judge Evans pointed out that this custody issue stems from the torture case.   Without those charges, Lizon would never have been ordered to stay away from his wife or child without proper supervision.

Under the law, Judge Evans reminded prosecutors they only have until June to present this case to the grand jury, or Lizon will walk away free.

The judge ordered Lizon to go on home confinement pending his next court hearing.

Stephanie waived her preliminary hearing on the child concealment charge scheduled for Monday. She will appear back in court within the next 20 days.