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Local digital forensics lab is keeping sexual predators off the streets

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Detective Jeremy Burns works in a digital forensics lab.

"My job entails recovery of evidence from cell phones, GPS devices, hard drives, laptops computers," said Detective Jeremy Burns with the Kanawha Co. Sheriff's Office.

The lab at the Kanawha County Sheriff's Office is one of only three in the state dedicated to finding evidence hidden in devices.

"Pretty much any crime that we investigate: such as homicides, suicides, aggravated robberies, some type of digital device plays some kind of role," said Detective Burns.

He said sometimes more evidence is found than expected.

In 2010, Brandon Long's computer was seized after a marijuana bust.

While his computer was searched, child pornography and video evidence of sexual assault of a minor was found.

Detectives said Long later pleaded guilty to sexual assault.

Detective Burns said as the demand for technology grows, so does the need for his job.

"I can actually within 10 years see every law enforcement agency needing someone like me to do what I do on a daily basis."

Now, his work piles up in the room dedicated to keeping your kids safe.