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Company to install 17 steel doors in public restrooms throughout Nitro

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When you gotta go, you gotta go.

But Lesley Adkins, of Nitro, said she cares about where. Especially when it comes to her daughters, Arianna and Brianne.

Adkins started a petition this week, asking members of the Nitro City Council to install doors in several public restrooms across the city. She specifically raised concerns about the bathrooms located at the park where little league teams practice.

"We pay municipal fees, we pay taxes," Adkins said. "It's not a luxury, it's a necessity."

The stalls in both the women's and men's restrooms lack doors.

Adkins said she's worried about the number of kids who use the public grounds for recreational activity--an area that she believes already attracts predators. She also feels the set-up is unsanitary.

"People could take pictures," she said. "It's an invasion of your privacy. You should be able to shut the bathroom door."

Nitro City Council member Laurie Elkins said officials selected a bid during Tuesday's city council meeting. The company named Sheffler submitted the only bid for the project. For $3,936, the company will install 17 steel doors in public restrooms across the city. The doors will also lock. Elkins said it will take two to three weeks to finish the job.

"It is uncomfortable to have bathrooms without doors on them," said Elkins, who heads the Parks and Recreation committee. "That is something early on the administration agreed to rectify."

Elkins said the public pavilion located near Nitro High has existed for approximately 20 years and has lacked stall doors in restroom areas. She said when she came into office last summer, she heard this complaint from people almost immediately.

Adkins said she's angry it took officials this long to take action.

"I believe it should be done now, immediately," she said. '"I think they can afford a $9 piece of plywood."

Elkins explained the council needed to publish the desired doors' specifications for two weeks before selecting a bid.

"In government, things have to be done a certain way. It takes a while to get bids."

Savannah Hunter, of Nitro, said she tries to avoid using these public restrooms because they make her feel uncomfortable.

"I just don't think people like to be....they like to be covered when....well, you know," Hunter said, laughing.

Mason Sigman, of Poca, plays basketball at the park. He said he's used to sharing public spaces after dealing with his show choir, which requires members to change costumes backstage.

"To me, it doesn't bother me, I've just become accustomed to it," Sigman said. "It's just one of those things that's part of life."