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Fiery debate ensues at Logan town hall meeting between gun owners and Senator Manchin

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Senator Joe Manchin says when he went to Logan for a town hall meeting on Thursday, he expected a fiery debate.  

"Oh yeah, and I enjoy that.  That's the process.  That's America.  That's who we are. I just hope people have an open mind," said Manchin.  

A class of eighth graders learning about West Virginia History, Democrats, and Republicans were in attendance.  It was the city of Logan's turn take part in the Democratic process.

They didn't disappoint.  Topics ranged from social security to healthcare, but the gun debate kept creeping in.

"Fourteen thousand people were stopped for background checks.  Forty one were prosecuted." said one man sitting in at the meeting at the Logan City Commission.   

Manchin explained that the bill would make background checks mandatory for gun shows and Internet sales.

One woman who lives in the city of Logan said, "The bill that you all are talking about, how would that have helped Sandy Hook?  The man stole his parent's firearms and did it."

Shaun Adkins lives in Logan.  "That would be worth talking about, but nobody is willing to do it because that takes some political capital.  To be able to do that costs political capital and I don't see any politicians willing to give that up," he said.  

Another woman interjected,  "I don't think we need any more laws.   Let me ask you, how would any more laws keep these students safe."

Manchin says he enjoys the debate.  

"I think we have a responsibility to try to keep someone who is a criminal or someone who's going through a court who has been violently mental, to try to keep them from ease of access at a gun show or on the Internet, that's all," the Senator said.  

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