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Lightning strikes man in Alum Creek

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Courtesy: Rhianna Fizer Courtesy: Rhianna Fizer

Like many kids, Rhianna and Dalton Fizer say they love their dad.

"A lot of people say a girl's first love is her father," said Rhianna Fizer, 13.

Now the siblings can say their father, Will, is truly one in a million.

"How in the world did he survive this?" Rhianna asked. "How is he talking, how is he not disoriented?"

It started on Thursday afternoon during a thunderstorm in Alum Creek. Will Fizer was in his backyard and knocked on the outside of his son's window, according to family members.

That's when his son, Dalton, 12, saw a bolt of lightning jump down the nearest hill, jolt across the concrete, and strike his dad in the back of the leg.

"I was so scared, I rushed outside to see if he was okay," Dalton said. He mentioned that Will managed to limp back inside the house before calling 911.

Paramedics rushed the man to the emergency room just after 3 p.m.  Fizer, who works at Charleston Area Medical Center, is in stable condition but will stay in the hospital overnight for further observation, according to his wife, who also works at the hospital.

The Fizers lived in the community of Quick until January 2012, when their house burned down. That's when they moved to Alum Creek, where a lightning bolt revealed the family's lick of luck.

"I am shocked, I'm happy, I'm scared," said Rhianna. "I am definitely going to make my dad buy a lotto ticket."

Dalton said the incident made him change the way he views storms.

"When I hear lightning and I'm outside, I think I'm really going to think about what could happen," Dalton said.