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Condemned meth house catches fire in Cross Lanes

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Vacant house fires are a huge problem throughout Kanawha County, but finding a viable solution isn't so easy.

Kanawha County Fire Coordinator C.W. Sigman said two more vacant houses went up in flames overnight. He said these fires are suspicious, as are most of the ones they see with condemned homes.

A fire on Dublin Drive turned out to be a condemned meth house from earlier this year.

Neighbors told 13 News they have seen people go in and out of the back door ever since the place was boarded up.

Sigman said he is not surprised. He said it is easier for people to set a house on fire than to pay money to tear it down.

"If they use a contractor without asbestos, you're talking $10,000-$20,000," he said.

He said people skirt the law to try and save money.

"I think a lot of the people figure it's the easiest and cheapest thing to do it is to burn it down, which puts the neighbors in danger and puts the firefighters in danger," he said.

The county hasn't come up with a permanent solution to solve this problem. Sigman said there's a lack of money and resources to effectively stop these suspicious fires.

On Monday, Sigman spoke with Kanawha County Sheriff John Rutherford about the on-going issue. Rutherford said his deputies are going to keep a closer eye on condemned properties throughout the county, especially those previously used to make meth.

To report suspicious activity in your neighborhood, call 911, or KCSD at 304-357-0169.


Firefighters spent part of Monday morning putting out a fire on Dublin Drive in Cross Lanes.

Firefighters tell 13 News the home is a condemned meth house.

It was condemned earlier this year and has been boarded up ever since.

It took 2 hours to get the fire under control.  Firefighters said they had to be careful while on scene and let some of the meth-making materials burn on its own.

There was also gun ammo stored in the corner of the house that fired off at one point.

Firefighters said the fire is considered suspicious.  Vacant house fires have become a huge problem throughout the county over the past year, they said.

The Kanawha County Sheriff's Department also came to the scene. Deputies interviewed neighbors to see if anyone saw or heard anything suspicious.

Call KCSD if you have any information at 304-357-0169.