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Wife of Jackson County torture suspect speaks with 13 NEWS

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Eight months pregnant and separated from her family; Stephanie Lizon said she never thought a stay at a Parkersburg shelter would evolve into this.

"The person who started these rumors, and really rumors, is nothing, there's nothing more to them than that. She had known me for a few hours," she said.

She's referring to the woman who went to authorities and told them that Stephanie had been a modern day slave for 10 years; kept in chains and shackles at the hands of her husband, Peter Lizon.

Peter is currently serving home confinement at their farm.  A court order prevents them from seeing one another.

Stephanie said the lies that have circulated over the past year are absurd.

"The idea that I could be kept captive for 10 years without anyone noticing; that sounds incredible to me," she said.

The case has been at a standstill since Peter was arrested last summer.  He has never been formally indicted on the malicious wounding charges related to the torture case.

That's all going to change this week when the grand jury meets at the Jackson County courthouse.

It's the last chance prosecutors have to present the state's case.  Otherwise, the state will be forced to drop the charges.

Stephanie said she's tired of being labeled a victim in what she calls a fabricated story.

"It kind of shines a light on where woman still are in this society; the idea that I'm not supposed to be offended or humiliated by being portrayed as the victim when I'm not," she said.

She is confident the truth will come out in the end.

The people accused of burning down the Lizon's house in May could also be indicted on Tuesday.