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Customers left in the dark after purchasing vehicles at St. Albans Auto Auction

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The Banks family said they purchased a vehicle at the St. Albans Auto Auction on May 7 of this year.   

"The car was nice, they were nice, we bought the car," said David Banks. 

Now, it's sitting in the lot of Abbots Towing in Nitro.  

But the story is how this family's car ended up in the lot.  It all started with some car trouble.  They say they brought it in to be worked on June 27.  

Banks said, "We didn't receive any kind of call from them, we called them, Then I found out that they had shut down and left town the day later on the 28th."

He said they left town with the car the Banks family purchased still on their lot.  

Then things got even stranger, Banks said he stopped in on multiple occasions.  Finally, he ran into the man who sold him the car.  

He asked about the whereabouts of his vehicle.  

That man told him his car was stolen from the lot.  Banks said Sheriff's deputies found the car on Coal River Road days later.

They had the vehicle towed, and now it's sitting at Abbots Towing. 

Banks said the management at Abbots has been extremely helpful and accommodating, perhaps a light at the end of a very complicated, frustrating tunnel.  

So the question is, where are the people responsible?

We found a sign at the front door of the auto auction, saying to call Chris Meek with any questions.

Banks said he's been calling Meek for weeks, and hasn't had any of his calls answered or returned.  

13 News reporter Jessie Shafer attempted calling the number on the sign multiple times, and received neither a call back nor an answered call.  

Shafer visited the Attorney General's Office, the Secretary of State's Office, and the West Virginia State Tax Division, inquiring about the current statuses of the auto auction.

According to all three agencies, the St. Albans Auto Auction is in good standing to conduct business in West Virginia.

Banks said, "I'm not stupid, my family is not stupid.  And I fully intend on making sure that justice is done."

Shafer also spoke with the owner of the property, Robert Walker.

Walker said Meek has leased the property for four years, and left town in early July.  

According to Walker, Meek owes him a year's rent on the property, totaling $6400.

According to employees at the Division of Motor Vehicles, multiple customers have been left without titles to their vehicles.

If you need to report a missing title, you're told to call the DMV at 1-800-642-9066.