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Kidnapping suspect knew child's family; Jackson County, OH, case moving forward

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The case against a man accused of kidnapping a 6-year-old girl is moving forward.

At a preliminary hearing in Jackson County Municipal Court, a judge ruled there was probable cause against Zachary Dunn.  A grand jury will now decide whether or not to officially indict him.

Dunn is accused of snatching Macey Stewart, 6, from her front porch steps in the early morning hours of July 26. After a 14-hour search, Stewart was found bruised and naked, six miles from her home.

Investigators have been tight-lipped about the extent of Macey's injuries. During sworn testimony, Sgt. Scott Conley said Stewart looked like she had been beaten with several punches.

Authorities have not addressed the sexual assault allegations made by Stewart's family about Dunn. However, police did say they are waiting for DNA tests to be completed before they move forward with additional criminal charges against Dunn.

During Dunn's hearing, the judge heard four hours worth of testimony from investigators and witnesses from that night.

Franklin Stewart, Macey's father, took the stand at one point. He said he has known Dunn for years. He tells 13 News he was shocked to learn that Dunn was involved with his daughter's disappearance.

"I even thought he was a friend. I never thought he'd do something like this," he said.

Stewart said Dunn went to his house that night to buy a CD player for his car. Police said Dunn returned to the Stewart house hours later and took Macey in the middle of the night.

The abduction happened while Macey was being watched by a 16-year-old boy.

The teenager had been subpoenaed Monday morning. He didn't show up to testify until the afternoon, drawing concern from the judge.

Stewart's father said the teen is afraid of Dunn and was afraid to testify.

During the teen's testimony, he said Dunn showed up to the Stewart house in the early morning hours.  At the time, the teen was babysitting Macey.  The boy said he went to get a drink in the kitchen, and when he came back, Dunn and Stewart were no longer on the porch. He said he saw Dunn's car speeding off in the distance.

Dunn is the only person who's been arrested and charged in connection with Macey's disappearance.

Dunn will remain in police custody pending his next hearing.

Investigators said DNA tests should be back within the next two weeks.