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WV Retailers Association calls NPLEx tracker a success

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Despite high numbers of meth lab finds and arrests in West Virginia, the West Virginia Retailers Association is calling the real-time, stop-sale NPLEx system West Virginia implemented in January 2013 a success.

The West Virginia Board of Pharmacy has collected data for the first and second quarter since the technology was implemented, and according to the numbers, more than 9,900 boxes of pseudoephedrine have been blocked from potential illegal sales. That translates to keeping more than 26,420 grams of pseudoephedrine from being potentially diverted by meth-makers.

"This technology is a blessing for those who want to help in the fight against meth production, while protecting law-abiding citizens' access to medicines they depend on," West Virginia Retailers Association President Briget Lambert said in a news release. "It is an easy-to-use system that has measurable positive impacts.

"Moreover, it takes the pressure off of retailers by automatically blocking any illegal transaction of pseudoephedrine at the point of sale."

Lambert said lawmakers in West Virginia, who mandated the system as well as limits on pseudoephedrine sales, are continuing to debate additional measures to reduce meth-related crime.

"Rather than impose additional burdens on West Virginia consumers, we should work to ensure that this system is being utilized as effectively as possible by all law enforcement agencies across the state to catch criminals," Lambert said.

The NPLEx system has been adopted in 27 other states.