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Sissonville residents blaming blocked creeks for recent floods

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"We keep our bags packed in case we have to throw our bags in the car and leave," said Chuck Siders, who lives on Route 21 in Sissonville.

Sissonville residents are no strangers to flooding, but some say, over the last few months it's just been out of control.

Whether they're caused by nature of man-made, some neighbors say it's blockages in the creeks are contributing to the major flooding.

Roadways were added under some of the Interstate underpasses on Interstate 77 so heavy equipment can be transported.  

Neighbors say that gravel has been contributing the floods, as it is washed down into the creeks.

"They [the blockages] throw the water up on the bank.  Coupled with what comes across the road, it kind of converges right here behind us," said Siders.

A massive boulder fell not long ago, blocking the creek beside Siders' home.  Sadly, Siders is in stage 4 liver failure, and lives with his sister,who has the same condition.  

He said, "We take turns staying up an hour or two at a time just watching the creek."

He said it floods too often here, and they can't afford renters insurance.  "If we lose everything, where do we go from here," he said.

Tiffany Mariani lives down the road on Leg Fork.  Her biggest concern isn't the water getting in her home.  Her concern is just getting home in the first place.  

She said he road has flooded multiple times in just the last few weeks.  

"I have dreams that I can't get to my daughter," Mariani said.  "Every parent has that dream.  They're somewhere and you can't get to them.  That's exactly what it is.  I cannot physically get to her."

She added, "Someone needs to go through and clean out all these ditches and creeks so the water can flow like it's supposed to."

We did place calls to the Department of Transportation about the gravel placed there for construction purposes.

We will follow up with their response when we get it.

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